Hello dear Anifit team!

For almost three years I have owned an extremely greedy and always hungry male Labrador. Before that, Castor was my foster dog for about three years. In true Labrador fashion, Castor usually eats everything he can get or find anywhere. As a result, he actually had a barrel-shaped body, as described in the dog book. On the other hand, he constantly smelled unpleasant and - sorry - bloated a lot. I also picked him up with diarrhoea almost every time. It wasn't always pleasant to visit or receive visitors with this "odorous" dog.

I got to know Anifit at the organic market in Rinteln about four years ago. Since then, Castor and especially me have become big Anifit fans!

I have completely changed Castor's diet to Anifit wet and flake food. Not only has he lost a lot of weight (no more barrel-shaped) and his coat looks fantastic (my 11-year-old male dog is now often thought to be much younger), he also no longer "smells" and bloats as he did when he was still my foster dog and I only had a temporary influence on his diet. The diarrhoea has stopped completely. Castor has become much livelier.

The Anifit delivery service is also very convenient for me as a working dog owner. Wet dog food, flakes and treats are delivered regularly and punctually every two months. I can always rely on this. No more constant lugging around tins and, above all, no maggots in the dry food or moths in the rumen pouches.

Anifit does cost a little more than dog food from the supermarket or pet shop. But I'm happy to pay a few euros more for top quality and reliable service.

Best regards from Rinteln from two happy Anifit fans

Frauke Hüdig

August 2008

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