How we came to Anifit!

Hr. Jahn mit seinen Hunden

After the death of our cats, we decided to get a dog. Our Elo "Foster" has been living with us since April 2012. And when you have an Anifit specialist advisor in the family, it's obvious that you also use this food! We had no previous experience with it and can now only say that it was a good decision! Just opening the tin gives off a delicious odour. The composition is very varied, there are many different flavours with funny names, such as Schäfers Pfanne or Thanksgiving Day. We occasionally mix in "natural flakes", which Foster particularly likes. But one thing that is a must is to add a teaspoon of "salmon oil" to the food at the end as a treat!

Foster has a wonderfully soft and shiny coat, which is not only due to the daily grooming, but also to the good and balanced diet!

Anifit - we can only recommend it to everyone! Thumbs up!

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